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It's a little difficult playing an all knowing spirit! Thus sometimes I might need a little help. If you have any suggestions or comments about how I play Wan Shi Tong, feel free to put them here.
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While Wan Shi Tong might be an all knowing spirit, his mun certainly is not! Thus I'll need some help on knowing what he knows, and that'll be pretty much anything he can get his claws on. Wan Shi Tong will read everything that's available in the library and back read everything he can in the journals. Because that is what he does.

So I would appreciate anyone posting here and telling me what he will find on your character and the world that their from! Also, please mention on what he would not find. Or if you want to give me permission to know anything I can read on your character's canon in a wiki, that's fine too! Any information would be very helpful!
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Wan Shi Tong is a very busy spirit owl, but he might be willing to spare you some time if it's important enough. However, he does request that you label it in a orderly fashion with the type of entry and the date for cataloging.
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 Please submit entries here for Wan Shi Tong's monthly advice column!

Your character can choose to submit questions anonymously or with their name, or even with a fake name. Its up to them. Any questions received before the monthly entry, will be answered by Wan Shi Tong. 

Please put the date submitted, the method, and whether your character wishes to remain anonymous or not. If not anonymous, please put the name the character wishes to use.


[06/14 - Written note left at the library - Anonymous]
[10/29 - Locked journal message - Madam Fussy Britches]

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[Bored Knowledge Spirit is bored. Today is the end of the month, and while before he had answered questions from others, today he has questions for everyone else! So those not too busy with other things will find the owl speaking at length about his chosen topic.]

Greetings Luceti.

While normally this would be the time for another session of 'Ask Wan Shi Tong', this time I have a question for you.

Before we were without a library, I have studied what literature was available on human customs, culture, and the like. Apparently in some versions of Earth, this day is considered a holiday. All Hallow's Eve, also known as Allhalloween, All Saint's Eve, or Halloween.

This holiday has religious origins but seems to have changed over the course of history. It seems that many cultures like to dress up their offspring in ridiculous costumes resembling spirits and demons, among other things. Then send them forth to collect pieces of condensed processed sugar which then result in dental problems. Plus it is also customary to hollow out and carve large rotund orange fruits.

Tell me, what are your thoughts, experiences, and opinions on this particular holiday? What is the point? Why do you humans find enjoyment in these activities?

And despite our current circumstances, please continue to send your questions for next month.

That is all.


[Later on the that evening, anyone wandering around the village might see something unusual. A large 20 foot sheet ghost walking around. It will probably walk up to you and demand candy.

Also, once he is done with that phase of his Halloween research, he can be found near the shelter that Aang built for him. With a stash of any sugary sweets he managed to acquire. Plus a pumpkin he stole from the farmlands.]
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[Today the residents of Luceti will again wake up to a lengthy video entry of one very large spirit owl.]

Greetings Luceti. Once again it is the end of the month, and it is time for another session of Ask Wan Shi Tong.

I have received two questions this month, and the first is as follows:

Honorable Wan Shi Tong,

Do you believe in the concept of justice? If so, how would you define it?

First of all, I would like to mention that your handwriting is very neat and stylish. Certainly the best I have seen thus far.

Secondly, I would like to recite the actual definition of justice.

[And now he will quote the dictionary.]

Just behavior or treatment. The quality of being fair and reasonable. The administration of the law or authority in maintaining this. The synonyms are fairness, justness, fair play, fair-mindedness, equity, evenhandedness, impartiality, objectivity, neutrality, disinterestedness, honesty, righteousness, morals, morality.

This is what you humans seem to deem as justice, and I suppose I would agree. Though I have found that while many humans like to speak of justice and claim that they are upholding it, it is most often not the case. Those here in Luceti are no different. I have seen many humans talk of fairness and justice, but when it comes down to it, they do not practice such. They are in fact, only interested in a "justice" that benefits themselves. So no, I do not believe in this sense of hypocritical justice.

I prefer neutrality and objectiveness. That way there is no bias. This is the sense of justice that I feel is true to the definition and it is what I believe in.

[He knows those statements are not likely to win him any points with many people, but he could care less.]

Moving on. The final question is this:

Dear Wan Shi Tong,

Is it better to be yourself when your true self would frighten people, or is it better to hide those things for the sake of getting along better with others? I ask because we're all confined in a relatively small region together here in Luceti with a common enemy.

Hm, a most intriguing question. I would assume that you are self-conscious of your true self and are worried about how others would perceive you if you were to show your true self.

I am a spirit, and while I can take many forms, this is what I would consider the form that is most true to my nature. Despite the fact that I am very large and have frightened many people with my appearance, I continue to retain this form. I do not change myself on the opinions and perceptions of others. If you are hiding your own true self, then it is little more than lying. Not only to others, but to yourself as well. If you value the relationships you have with others, then perhaps its time to put them to the test. Those that truly value you will not differ their opinions by knowing what you truly are. If they do, they were not worth your time to begin with. Despite my form, I am still a member of this community. Not any less or more than anyone else. The same would stand for you as well.

[Wan Shi Tong straightens himself up and regards the camera.]

I hope that my answers have helped and given insight. Please continue to send me your questions.

That is all.

[And then the feed ends.]

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 [True to his word, all of Luceti will be greeted today with a view of the resident library owl.]

Greetings Luceti. It is the end of the month, and thus time for the first session of my advice column, Ask Wan Shi Tong. I have received three questions and I will address each one of them.

The first one is as follows: 

Great Wan Shi Tong,

Can you please tell me how to craft a gracious and sincere apology?

Oh wait, never mind.

You don't know how.


A concerned Lucetian.

[There is a moment's pause before he decides to answer.]

Despite the snide remark, I must admit that I am not accustomed to issuing apologies. I am usually not required to do so, especially in instances where I can not remember what took place. I am sorry that it was not satisfactory for you.

Moving on. The second question is this:

Dear Mr. Owl,

I am curious as to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


[Wan Shi Tong is deadpan as ever as he addresses this particular question.]

Let's find out, shall we?

[And now the view pans over to where an unwrapped Tootsie Pop from the grocery has been set up so that it is suspended. Wan Shi Tong's Knowledge Seeker then coming into view as he walks over and sits beside it.]

My Knowledge Seeker will be the one to test this. I will count.

[With that said, the fox begins to take one lick of the candy at a time.]

One... Two... Three...

[This continues for some time.]

One hundred and ninety five... One hundred and ninety six... One hundred and ninety seven... Ah... it seems that the center has been reached. There you have it. One hundred and ninety seven licks precisely.

[The view then turns back to Wan Shi Tong himself.]

And the final question is this:

Dear Wan Shi Tong,

I have heard you are quite a knowledgeable spirit, and some might consider this a bit embarrassing do you get someone you care about to commit? 

[There is a blink of his large dark eyes.]

Clearly the best option is to discuss this with the person in question and establish a deadline. If your partner does not wish to commit in the set amount of time, it would be best to move on. 

[There is a pause.]

That is all the questions I have. I hope my answers have been satisfactory. I will continue with another session at the end of next month. Until then, you may continue to submit your questions. 

That is all.

[And with that, the feed ends.]

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[At Loki's demand, Wan Shi Tong is opening the journal and turning on the  video feed. A large black and white owl towering over his journal once more.]

Greetings, residents of Luceti. This is Wan Shi Tong.

Upon my arrival, there was an incident regarding the library that I'm sure many of you recall. 

After being slain at the hands of Loki, losing my memories as a result, and being barred from the library. I have been forced to evaluate this situation. 

I do not remember or fully understand my previous motives, but I will admit that I was perhaps in error. Despite any good intentions I may have had at the time, it was wrong of me to treat this library as my own. 

For that, and if I have offended anyone in the process, I offer my sincere apologies. I will no longer impose any rules upon the library without the rest of the village's consent. The knowledge here has been intended for the use of everyone by the Malnosso who has provided it, and it should remain that way. 

As a further gesture of my good will, I will be putting my vast knowledge to further use for the good of the community. There are some worlds that have things called, advice columns. I will be offering one such entry per month as a means to answer questions and offer my knowledge. You may submit your questions in any form you wish, and I will honor any request for them to remain anonymous. These entries will be posted at the end of every month, starting with the 31st of this month. 

Good day.

[Now Wan Shi Tong will look at something off camera.]

Now if you will kindly allow me access to the library, I would be most appreciative.

[And with that the feed cuts off.]

(( OOC: Questions for Wan Shi Tong's advice column can be submitted here.))
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 [The video feed will come on with a figure that most everyone in Luceti is probably familiar with by now. The large owl towering over the journal and an overcast sky above him as it rains lightly.]

Greetings citizens of Luceti, I am Wan Shi Tong, he who knows ten thousand things.

[Sound familiar?]

In my world I am the spirit of knowledge and I have my own library for the betterment of mankind. As such, I believe my services here would be most valuable to you. 

However, it would seem that for some reason I am unable to enter your library. I would appreciate an explanation or perhaps some assistance in this matter. 

[The feed will then cut off. And in the mean time, the owl will be sitting outside the library. In the rain. He's getting wet out here.]

[OOC: Feel free to either respond or run into Wan Shi Tong getting wet outside the library!]
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[Now that things seem to have gone back to relative normalcy here in the land of Luceti, Wan Shi Tong decides that it is time to introduce himself to the community. Thus there will be a video feed of a very tall owl as he stands over his journal.]

Greetings citizens of Luceti, I am Wan Shi Tong, he who knows ten thousand things.

Due to my abduction from my own world and library, I have commandeered the one within this village. I will be the sole authority of the collection from this point on, and as such, there are a few new rules.

First of all, anyone who wishes to use the library must first offer new knowledge to add to the collection.

Secondly, none of the material within can be used for malicious intent. There is no exception to this. I do not care how noble your cause may be, whether it is against each other or our captors here.

Finally, I will no longer allow any materials to be removed from the building.

If these rules are not followed, there will be consequences.

Also, in regards to the last rule, all outstanding books and media must be returned for inventory. If you do not comply, I will send my assistants to retrieve them.

That is all.

[And with that the feed will end.]
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